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Fair Entitlements Guarantee Act 2012

Fair Entitlements Guarantee Act 2012

An Act to provide for financial assistance for workers who have not been fully paid for work done for insolvents or bankrupts, and for related purposes

Casual Employee Fair Work Information Statement

Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Act 2021 (Amendment Act).

  • Casual Employment Information Statement
  • definition of casual employment
  • pathway for casual employees to move to full-time or part-time (permanent )

2020/2021 Wage Increase Pay Guides

The 2020/21 Wage increases has resulted again in a Three Tier date of commencement. The First Tier is the majority of Australia’s Modern Awards Pay Guides being increased from 1 July 2021, the Second is a single award increase for the General Retail Award on 1 September 2021 and the Third are the remaining Awards to be increased from 1 November 2021.

The decision has increased a number of Awards prior to 12 months from there last increase. The Fair Work Commission recognised that those businesses had already received the benefits of a non wage increase adjustment period over other businesses and that 1 July of each year was the operative date for increases to occur.

The Tier 2 and Tier 3 increases were again given a later date of increase due to longer term financial impact COVID19 had on these Industries recognised in the Full 2020/21 Wages Decision.

Wages and Salary

Understand the difference – Definitions, Requirements and Application

Human Resources

The Building Blocks of Employer and Employee Relations


Recruitment, Flexible Work Arrangements, Contracts, Contractors, Engagement

Getting it right from the start avoids the pitfalls of litigation, discrimination and disharmony


The best Conduct from all within the Organisation is paramount to productivity, commitment and employment satisfaction.

Poor conduct at any level within the Organisation can’t be condoned.

A bandage approach destroys confidence, safety and reputations in business

Warnings / Terminations / Dismissal / Unfair Dismissal / Redundancy / Acceptable Alternative Employment / Resignations

This is an area that needs to be managed to the letter of employment law, personal problems, time frames, meetings, warnings and documentation so as to avoid litigation and financial costs and prosecution.

Policies, Forms and Checklists

Providing the documents for the understanding and knowledge of the rules and requirements that employees must adhere to in their employment with the Organisation is a basic business principle of ” if they don’t know how do they comply”.


Leave under Australian employment laws is an entitlement that is to be made available to all employees, with some exceptions to casuals, with conditions applying to both employer and employee in the granting, taking and payment of such leave.

Safe Work Australia, All States and Comcare

The safety of all employees at any workplace regardless of Industry or Occupation is paramount to every employer, as well as both State and Federal Governments as is recognised by the required and implicit regulations that must be followed.

COVID-19 – Information for Workplaces, Resource Kit, Safe Work Principles

Safe Work Australia by Topic – Safety by Industry and Business, Resources and Publications, Contacts in your State/Territory

All Current Modernised Awards (A to Z)

After clicking on all Awards Scroll down the link to the alphabetical Listing of the awards and either click on the letter of the Title of the Award or again scroll down.

Pandemic Leave, Half Day Annual Leave provisions along with Flexibility provisions for the Corona Virus are included.

The Fair Work Commission

Australia’s National Workplace Relations Tribunal

Resources, The Fair Work Act Legislation, The National Employment Standards, All Modern Awards List,, Regulations & Rules, Cases, Decisions & Orders and Termination of Employment.

COVID-19 Q&A (Incl. Stand Down Letter)

The current World Pandemic, COVID19, is testing individuals, businesses and Organisations and Governments across the Globe to accommodate and undergo change in all patterns of our daily life that being work, travel, social, spending, patience and acceptance in what we can control and what we cannot.

COVID-19 - Resource Links

Australian Taxation Office (JobKeeper Payments. Eligibility,

Enrolment Extension 31 May 2020)

Australian Dept. of Health Services (News and Media),

Safe Work Australia (Business Resource Kit)

World Health Organisation (Handwashing and Hygiene Posters)

The Employment Guidebook

The Employment Guidebook provides a vast host of Legislative requirements that must be met specifically, as well as employment generally, by employers. It’s in an easy to use format designed to cover virtually every issue faced by the employer during the employees full period of service this can be complimented with the telephone and email advisory solutions.

The Blue IRAS

Digital version of the loose leaf Blue IRAS publication.

This service has transitioned over that last 3 decades, we will be making changes to this service as its contents require. Check Order sheets will be available in the New Year for you to forward to us to bring your service up to date.

Also included on this website is the Employment Guidebook. This book is a duplication of the Blue IRAS, but not a loose leaf service. It includes hyperlinks for ease of use through each section and allows us to increase its contents instantly on updates, changes and new inclusions.