COVID-19 Q&A (Incl. Stand Down Letter)

The current World Pandemic, COVID19, is testing individuals, businesses and Organisations and Governments across the Globe to accommodate and undergo change in all patterns of our daily life that being work, travel, social, spending, patience and acceptance in what we can control and what we cannot.

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Can an Employer Change an Employees Regular Roster or Hours of Work?
Can Employees Be Directed Not to Travel?
Employees is Stuck Overseas or Quarantined?
Redundancy – What if an Employer Needs to Let Employees Go?
Stand Down Letter
Standing Down Employees
What About Casual Employees and Independent Contractors?
What Happens if an Employee or Their Family Member is Sick With The Corona Virus?
What if an Employee Cannot Attend Work Because Their Child’s School has Closed Due to Concerns About The Corona Virus?
What if an Employee Wants to Stay Home as a Precaution?
What if an Employer Wants Their Employees to Stay Home as a Precaution?
When Can Employees Be Stood Down Without Pay?
When Can Employees Work From Home?